Re: [Ekiga-list] Two ekiga logins on the same PC won't work?

On Sun, Dec  6, 2009 at 12:48 (+0200), J??nis Ruk????ns wrote:


> Anyway the Ekiga is already using different ports for each account,
> and the only thing listening on 5060 is required for is direct IP
> dialling. I don't think many people are using this feature, it's
> kinda irrelevant with DHCP-assigned IPs and hey, we have mDNS for
> calling people on the same LAN.

It is possible that not many people are using this feature, but
speaking as someone who does use it, I'd like it not to be entirely
dismissed out of hand.

It is not irrelevant with DHCP-assigned IPs if you have some other way
of knowing the IP of the person you want to call.

For example, back in the gnomemeeting and Ekiga 2.0 days I was using
Ekiga to add video+audio to another system, and that other system
knows the IPs of the people it wants Ekiga to connect to.  This was
much simpler than getting everyone to register their ekiga account,
have the other software know their registration info, and hope that
there are no problems looking someone up there and then.

Having said that, I'm one of those people who can't get Ekiga to work
properly since 2.something, but I keep hoping.  (I should note that I
haven't tested doing calls with 3.2.6 yet, although on my computer
3.2.6 dumps core just shutting down.)


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