Re: [Ekiga-list] 3.2.6 doesn't reregister before registrar times out.

On Sat, Dec 5, 2009 at 1:05 AM, Anres Moya <andres moya i gmail com> wrote:
> Maybe try to reduce interval on asterisk for pinging clients behind
> nat/firewall. Also check on ddwrt if you can increase interval for
> firewall that keep firewall open for UDP.

I have no control over the Asterisk behaviour.

> assume this interval is 1 minute or so, then of one of keepalive pings
> (OPTIONS) are lost in network. Then firewall/nat will be closed.

I am running a SIP proxy, so I don't think NAT keepalive is relevant
(of course I may be wrong...)

> So if
> you ask asterisk to ping you once a 30 sec can solve a problem or once
> again, adjust this settings on dd-wrt, it is flexible, sure you can do.

> What actually "timeout" means in ekiga account settings?

AFAIK timeout is sent at registration time to the sip registrar to say
how long the registration should be considered valid.
This is why I think the client (ekiga) should be sending register
requests at intervals less than the specified timeout.

> Have you tried
> to say there 600 insteadnof 3600?

Yes I have. In this case, the OPTIONS requests stop after 600 seconds.
Ekiga never sends another REGISTER after the ones it sends at startup.

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