[Ekiga-list] 3.2.6 doesn't reregister before registrar times out.



I am running a home built Ekiga on ubuntu 9.04.
Built ekiga-3.2.6  opal-3.6.6 ptlib-2.6.5

On my router I have dd-wrt with milkfish proxy.
VOIP provider is running Asterisk (I don't know more details).

I can monitor the SIP traffic using wireshark.

I set up my VOIP account details with default timeout of 3600.

When I start Ekiga, I see that it sends out REGISTER command (4 time
in the first 5 seconds).

I can see in the milkfish status that I'm registered there.

However, Ekiga never sends another REGISTER, and after a while (1
hour?) the registration on the proxy (and I assume the outside voip)
expires.  After this, I can't receive incoming calls.

Also For the first hour I see OPTIONS coming in (not sure if this is
from proxy or provider) and OK going out about once per minute.  This
stops after one hour.

My very naiive assumption is that Ekiga should register again before
the timeout?

I'm happy to provide traces or do other experiments if this helps.
(also subscribed to ekiga-devel-list if that is a better place for
this discussion)



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