Re: [Ekiga-list] 3.2.6 doesn't reregister before registrar times out.

Maybe try to reduce interval on asterisk for pinging clients behind
nat/firewall. Also check on ddwrt if you can increase interval for
firewall that keep firewall open for UDP.

assume this interval is 1 minute or so, then of one of keepalive pings
(OPTIONS) are lost in network. Then firewall/nat will be closed. So if
you ask asterisk to ping you once a 30 sec can solve a problem or once
again, adjust this settings on dd-wrt, it is flexible, sure you can do.
What actually "timeout" means in ekiga account settings? Have you tried
to say there 600 insteadnof 3600?  

On Thu, 2009-12-03 at 15:32 +1300, Eliot Blennerhassett wrote:
> Greetings,
> Intro:
> I am running a home built Ekiga on ubuntu 9.04.
> Built ekiga-3.2.6  opal-3.6.6 ptlib-2.6.5
> On my router I have dd-wrt with milkfish proxy.
> VOIP provider is running Asterisk (I don't know more details).
> I can monitor the SIP traffic using wireshark.
> I set up my VOIP account details with default timeout of 3600.
> Problem:
> When I start Ekiga, I see that it sends out REGISTER command (4 time
> in the first 5 seconds).
> I can see in the milkfish status that I'm registered there.
> However, Ekiga never sends another REGISTER, and after a while (1
> hour?) the registration on the proxy (and I assume the outside voip)
> expires.  After this, I can't receive incoming calls.
> Also For the first hour I see OPTIONS coming in (not sure if this is
> from proxy or provider) and OK going out about once per minute.  This
> stops after one hour.
> My very naiive assumption is that Ekiga should register again before
> the timeout?
> I'm happy to provide traces or do other experiments if this helps.
> (also subscribed to ekiga-devel-list if that is a better place for
> this discussion)
> thanks
> --
> Eliot
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