Re: [Ekiga-list] Maybe was asked lot of time... what is the best platform for ekiga?


Here is my experience with Ekiga:

I tried some versions of Ekiga with OpenSuSE (the one bundled with the distro) and I've had some problems. Then I built latest version (3.2.6) from sources and it ran pretty smoothly, except when it hangs: I've seen it hanging after a couple hours left alone and also, or when a video call didn't end properly. This is a test environment so, I can't draw conclusions about hanging in the middle of a video call.

Its video (I tried H.263) is much better than linphone's (ekiga's video was pretty clear while linphone was much like digital TV on a rainy day) and also Ekiga was the only one that established correctly a video call when the SDP was passed on a 180 (RINGING) response. From my viewpoint, that is a good thing about interoperability.

On Win32 (just installed the binaries), Ekiga seems to me also smooth and I've never seen it hanging. The only painful thing about ekiga on windows is to change some settings like the default SIP port. Apparently, it does not respect any configuration method other than gconf-editor.

For the moment, Ekiga & Linphone (respectively) are my favorites.



2009/12/2 Andres Moya <andres moya i gmail com>
Is there any ongoing development? Any one with "success" story?

Jean-Noël Rivasseau wrote:
I am on Gentoo Linux, but unfortunately only had problems with Ekiga... there are GUI bugs, and even more deeper bugs, most of the time when I want to call I am not able to. Not sure if it is only me...

I am using Twinkle right now, ugly interface, but works well. I hope a new Ekiga version comes out and that it will be less buggy (using the latest one here).


On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 12:44 PM, Andres Moya <andres moya i gmail com <mailto:andres moya i gmail com>> wrote:

   I am setting up my public voip server. And was searching software
   i can recommend to my friends to start testing. I didn't recommend
   ekiga for any one with windows. Because ekiga was stop responding
   etc lot of times. But with few tricks i was able to make calls...
   sometime. I was very sure that ekiga is cool for linux and just
   ported for windows.
   I was so surprised that i was not able to call out of the box on
   ubuntu 9.10 :( maybe my hardware is not supported. But i am able
   call with skype and now twinkle. Ekiga is getting frozen.
   Especially then i press button to end a call.

   My question is. Is there any system there ekiga compiled into a
   stable package? Maybe fedora?  I  want to find a way make video
   calls. Or just have some nice messenger integrated into gnome desktop.
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