Re: [Ekiga-list] Maybe was asked lot of time... what is the best platform for ekiga?

Jean-Noël Rivasseau <elvanor gmail com> writes:

> I am on Gentoo Linux, but unfortunately only had problems with Ekiga...
> there are GUI bugs, and even more deeper bugs, most of the time when I want
> to call I am not able to. Not sure if it is only me...

It's not. I've been trying off and on since 2.0.something and never
managed to make a stable video call to anything other than the echo
test. (Debian GNU/Linux.)

It clearly works for some people, though, otherwise all the development
enthusiasm and effort wouldn't be happening!

I'd try qutecom instead but, apart from its lack of SIP account
management UI at all, there's some STUN-related problem that prevents 
it from working from behind NAT for SIP accounts on

> I am using Twinkle right now, ugly interface, but works well.

No video though, right?


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