Re: [Ekiga-list] Maybe was asked lot of time... what is the best platform for ekiga?

I am on Gentoo Linux, but unfortunately only had problems with Ekiga... there are GUI bugs, and even more deeper bugs, most of the time when I want to call I am not able to. Not sure if it is only me...

I am using Twinkle right now, ugly interface, but works well. I hope a new Ekiga version comes out and that it will be less buggy (using the latest one here).


On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 12:44 PM, Andres Moya <andres moya i gmail com> wrote:
I am setting up my public voip server. And was searching software i can recommend to my friends to start testing. I didn't recommend ekiga for any one with windows. Because ekiga was stop responding etc lot of times. But with few tricks i was able to make calls... sometime. I was very sure that ekiga is cool for linux and just ported for windows.
I was so surprised that i was not able to call out of the box on ubuntu 9.10 :( maybe my hardware is not supported. But i am able call with skype and now twinkle. Ekiga is getting frozen. Especially then i press button to end a call.

My question is. Is there any system there ekiga compiled into a stable package? Maybe fedora?  I  want to find a way make video calls. Or just have some nice messenger integrated into gnome desktop.
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