Re: [Ekiga-list] No Echo Test response: STUN Problem with Thomson ST585 V6 ADSL router

Checking my logs... is it so that I hijacked Terry's thread and thus,
after submitting a bug seemingly closing the thread, caused his question to remain unsolved? If so, I really have to apologize.


Terry Barnaby wrote:


>> You could report a bug concerning the impossibility to "try" sound
>> events.
> I am about to try and get a Windows Version (3.0.2) of Ekiga working
> for my mother in laws computer. I suspect that her router will also
> support SIP as it is relatively new.
> How can I disable the STUN support in Ekiga in Microsoft Windows
> so that Ekiga will work with a router that implements automatic SIP
> port forwarding  ?
> Cheers
> Terry
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