[Ekiga-list] Debian packages


I think that currently trunk is much more important than stable branch
(which is rarely modified), so, starting from now, ekiga-snapshot will
use the trunk version, not the stable branch.  Please let me know if it
is really a problem for you.  More information below:


This email summarises information about debian packages on ekiga Web
site, http://snapshots.ekiga.net.  This site provides three kinds of

1. one package for non-free codecs, to be installed together with
official debian packages currently from experimental (stable release)

2. snapshot packages from the stable branch (which should be more stable
than official debian's ones) <-- this is not provided anymore, you can
use debian's official ones

3. snapshot packages from the trunk (unstable), this is package

More information can be found at http://snapshots.ekiga.net (will be
updated shortly).

Eugen Dedu

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