Re: [Ekiga-list] echo test does not work, but...

Hi Damien

Damien Sandras wrote:
> I have examined your logs, and there is a hint.
> [...]
> See the Contact field ->
> Contact: <sip:m avogadro 213 140 19 115:44271;transport=udp>
> It is the public IP address.
> Then in the answer from the server :
> [...]
> See the Contact field ->
> Contact: <sip:m avogadro 23 250 X X:5063;transport=udp>;expires=3600
> It means that the router has been rewriting the SIP packet !!!
> It has replaced the public IP address by your personal IP address. It is
> a bug in the router.

this seems quite interesting, but I still have a question: if this is
true how can echo proxy01 sipphone com work?
With that service I can hear my voice back perfectly also without STUN:
maybe that client uses the address from which the IP packets are
originated instead of that supplied in the SIP protocol.

> I suggest you to try the following :
> - do not use STUN at all.
> I do not think you are in a real NAT, 23.X.X.X does not sound like a
> private address too me.

I'm sure it is. See this page about Fastweb IP mapping:

Without STUN I can't get any audio from neither 333 voip wengo fr nor
500 ekiga net; with STUN I can hear the recorded message from
333 voip wengo fr but I still get only silence from 500 ekiga net 

Anyway I think that this is probably not an Ekiga issue but just a
consequence of the different SIP implementations of the parties I'm
calling: am I right? Bad news for me in this case... Wengo's http
tunneling will be my last resort.

Thank you


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