[Ekiga-list] ekiga.net echo test does not work, but...


I tried to setup a SIP account. I'm running Debian Sid (Ekiga 2.0.3) and
I have 2 sound cards, one of them (an AD1888 ICH5 onboard card) used
only by webphones in order to avoid any problem.

My provider puts all of its customers in a MAN behind a NAT; Ekiga
detects my situation as a "Cone NAT" and suggest using STUN.

Wengophone is not a mature project: I can talk, but the application
crashes very often and the connections are not reliable, therefore I
decided to try out Ekiga with my Wengo account.
I successfully configured Ekiga; when I tried to place a call to any of
the Wengo echo test services I could hear perfectly the pre-recorded
message but as soon as the following echo test started I couldn't hear

These tests worked well with Wengophone; after some pointless fiddling
with Ekiga's settings I decided to subscribe to ekiga.net, but the echo
test call @ekiga.net resulted in a completely silent call.

I also tried to call a PSTN line @voip.wengo.fr: I could perfectly hear
the called party but he couldn't hear me at all.

Today I tried to call the Gizmo echo service and... surprise! It works!
But it seems the only echo test service working for me, and it seems ok
both with GSM and PCMU.

Please notice that I made exactly the same tests also with the last 2
SVN daily Ekiga snapshots. When the echo doesn't work I can see the
incoming network stream decreasing from about 88 kb/s to about 0 kb/s
(silence detection?) with PCMU audio and no video.

I can't figure out what is going wrong: since Ekiga works with
echo proxy01 sipphone com and Wengophone works with 333 voip wengo fr, I
can probably exclude network issues; since I could get an echo both with
PCMU and GSM codecs (and also with iLBC, disabled in the Debian release,
with the last daily snapshots) probably I can also exclude a codec
issue; for the same reasons I think that I can also exclude issues with
my sound card. What the hell makes the Gizmo echo test service different?

These issues are always reproducible; could you give me a clue?

Thank you


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