Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Opal 3.6.6 build problem

László Monda a écrit :
> I'm disappointed about the current situation.
> How about creating an APT repository for Ekiga and its dependencies
> for the recent Ubuntu releases?

(for Jaunty and Karmic)
I'm working for 8.04 Hardy, but it is tricky...

>  Would it override the official Ubuntu
> packages?

You need to add it manually, after that it will overwrite (see the

> It could be even put to the Ekiga site.

That's the plan, but I've some work to do on first... Should
be ready in a few weeks.

> On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 7:00 PM, yannick <sevmek free fr> wrote:
>> László Monda a écrit :
>>> I truly hope they'll have 3.2.6 in Karmic because the bugs in 3.2.0
>>> could hammer Ekiga's reputation.
>> Well, IMHO Ubuntu is doing a poor job at quality assurance.
>> As member of the Ekiga team and supporting my own daily distro (Ubuntu)
>> I've a quite long history of bad support in Ubuntu, e.g. see:
>> 7.10 Troubleshooting
>> The long time before 3.x was included in Ubuntu, or the last event when
>> Ubuntu replaced Ekiga and Pidgin with Empathy. They involved them quite
>> early in "usability"
>> They never did publicly a comparison featurewise between ekiga and Empathy:
>> SIP is broken in Empathy:
>> And finaly Ubuntu tested VoIP with Empathy few days ago (they will
>> release in 1 month...) and VoIP is not reliable:
>> (see the
>> reporters, it is Ubuntu internal).
>> Thus, the issue here, is not Ekiga's reputation, but Ubuntu's reputation...
>> Even If I'm quite disapointed, Ubuntu is the distro I use daily on my 2
>> computers and I even installed it at work (a primary school)... But I do
>> not advice people/friends about GNU/Linux much (except one of my friend,
>> but he is in the computer business...)
>> Best regards,
>> Yannick
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