Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Opal 3.6.6 build problem

László Monda a écrit :
> I truly hope they'll have 3.2.6 in Karmic because the bugs in 3.2.0
> could hammer Ekiga's reputation.

Well, IMHO Ubuntu is doing a poor job at quality assurance.

As member of the Ekiga team and supporting my own daily distro (Ubuntu)
I've a quite long history of bad support in Ubuntu, e.g. see: 7.10 Troubleshooting

The long time before 3.x was included in Ubuntu, or the last event when
Ubuntu replaced Ekiga and Pidgin with Empathy. They involved them quite
early in "usability"

They never did publicly a comparison featurewise between ekiga and Empathy:

SIP is broken in Empathy:

And finaly Ubuntu tested VoIP with Empathy few days ago (they will
release in 1 month...) and VoIP is not reliable: (see the
reporters, it is Ubuntu internal).

Thus, the issue here, is not Ekiga's reputation, but Ubuntu's reputation...

Even If I'm quite disapointed, Ubuntu is the distro I use daily on my 2
computers and I even installed it at work (a primary school)... But I do
not advice people/friends about GNU/Linux much (except one of my friend,
but he is in the computer business...)

Best regards,

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