Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] celt option fails to build

> Are you 100% sure your code contains this ?

No! I've been just going back through it and it looks like I might not
have committed the patch the the Fedora build cvs. Looks like it might
have been an ID 10 T error. Just trying a new build now.

> Because HAVE_CELT_0_5_0_OR_LATER is defined by configure (see
> plugins/ if celt >= 0.5.0.
> This should be defined in plugins/plugin-config.h
> I think you do not run the code with the right patches...

I think your right. Should never have tried doing that and a whole lot
of other things the week I got back form 6 weeks in Australia.

I'll let you know once it crawls through the Fedora build sys.


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