Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] celt option fails to build

Hi Eugen,

>>>>>>>> Just thought I'd let you know that the celt codec fails to build on
>>>>>>>> rawhide. Output below.
>>>>>>> The original tarball provided on their site was broken with this
>>>>>>> error.
>>>>>>>  The
>>>>>>> same tarball, but with the fix for this, is found on gnome site. You
>>>>>>> can
>>>>>>> use
>>>>>>> the latter one or apply the 1-line patch which fixes it (look at ML I
>>>>>>> think).
>>>>>> The opal tarball from the gnome site is the one I'm using. Which
>>>>> Are you sure?
>>>>>> mailing list can I get the fix from?
>>>>> Does it work?
>>>> No. That rev was already applied. I also applied the later two revs
>>>> that Damien had done and it didn't help. Its still complaining. Here's
>>>> the last lot of output.
>>> Do you have celt >= 0.5 installed?  The problem is between
>>> /usr/include/celt/celt.h:182 and opal's celtcodec.c:148...
>> Yes. 0.5.1
> Dear Peter,
> Have you find out where's the problem?

No. I'm running the latest opal celt code from cvs and it still fails
to build as per the last email I sent. It could be a compiler option
that Fedora uses (they tend to use tighter options than a lot of
distros do) or possibly gcc 4.4 which is now in rawhide (although it
doesn't affect the rest of opal except the small patch Damien's
already applied).


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