Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Ekiga 3.00 Feature request.

Le mercredi 04 avril 2007 �0:22 +0200, michel memeteau a �it :
> On 04/04/07, Peter Robinson <pbrobinson gmail com> wrote:
>         This is a reasonable idea the problem is maintaining the
>         information
>         for all the providers so its correct. Possibly another way is
>         to have
>         a providers directory in the wiki by location, that way people
>         who
>         have success with a provider can add the details or shock
>         horror the 
>         providers could actually maintain there own details.
> I really love this idea , But it has been discussed one year ago on
> the list , and a lot of people thought that ekiga had to saty
> independent of VOIP providers , which I disagree .  It would be quite
> easy to put an xml file on , and that voip providers could
> fill , This would make ekiga the best application because you would
> have choice and it just works . 

Well, my point is the sometimes difficulties people go through when they
try to have Ekiga "just work". I think Ekiga must be vendor independent:
Ekiga is a softphone mainly, allow you to get it work as it is
intended to, but regarding of what the possibilies are, this combination
is mainly a usefull demonstration as it deals with calls and not yet
with what people around this project call "contacts". A contact is
someone giving you his number(s) to reach him and the software should be
able to join him no matter where this particular person is. It means the
number can follow the person (in holidays, at work, at home,...) and
with presence possibly shows you where he is (at home, at work,...).

Using an industrial standard, like SIP, also means the vendors deal with
prices and services, but the softphone should just work with any of
them; thus giving the user choice between prices and services.

I agree with the idea softphones will be a commodity, something you need
to do stuff but which is freely available for the masses, like air.
Services around the sofphone can be commercial, but the product itself.
Thanks to RMS.

This technology, Ekiga, should be able to reach the masses, IMHO it's
included by design (H.323, SIP, soon IAX I hope). Who cares about
registrar, STUN, Proxies ? If Ekiga where able to just ask people which
services they want to use and gives them the capacity to just fill their
ID ans password, I think this will greatly help people getting started.
It will "just work", not bothering you with words you never heard

In my proposal, the datas for profiles are held in some kind of central
server. After discussing on IRC (yeah IRC is fun!), it seems much more
reasonable to take this off. A central point is way too much hard to
maintain. Keeping the ability to feed Ekiga with XML file for VoIP
service profile still seems to me a good idea.

> Check how Go-SIP has done : 
> Which is a different way 

Hum... Go-SIP is asking you so many personal things just to download the
software. Why collecting datas on users? Ekiga is a gift.


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