Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Ekiga 3.00 Feature request.

Le dimanche 01 avril 2007 �9:58 +0200, Damien Sandras a �it :
> > > * A new manual needs to be written 
> > 
> > Yannick, don't hide : that one's for you ;-)

Yannick runs and hides singing "You can't touch this!"

Whatever, I can't work without the code being released...

> > 
> > > * Better NAT support
> > 
> > Hmmmm... new network traversal methods ?
> > 
> No, but a rationalization, and more things being automated. The STUN
> test can be executed when you start the client instead of asking the
> user to do it.
> > > * New configuration assistant
> > 
> > Based on GtkAssistant instead of GnomeDruid. Yes!
> > 
> Yes, and much simpler.

Good, it's time to _add_ more in this then ;)

I would really, really, have a menu system in the assistant to choose
profile for VoIP services (SIP mainly).
Imagine: you pickup 1- country, 2- services
like that:
1- France
2- choose between freephonie, wengo, ...
3- just add you ID and Password. everything is already done for you
(STUN automatically at start if i get you correctly damien), proxy if
needed, registrar is automatically filled.

Or maybe, just a list of VoIP services.

With our large base of users it should not be hard to get profiles,
maybe directly in the software: a button "send your VoIP service profile
to ekiga developers" (without the ID and Password of course).

What do you think?


Me joindre en t�phonie IP / vid�onf�nce ?
sip:yannick ekiga net

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