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Damien Sandras wrote:
> Le dimanche 01 avril 2007 à 19:54 +0200, Julien Puydt a écrit :
>> > * The roster will support SIP Presence and messaging. It will be
>> stable.
>> > When connected to an Asterisk server, it will show you who is talking
>> > and who is not.
>> I'd like to know how SIP presence works ; more precisely, where is the 
>> roster stored?
> Locally, please read the RFC (I don't remember the RFC number, but it is
> labelled as SIMPLE)
> [...]

Many new SIP (& specially IMS) clients already support network-side
addressbook storage, and this is expected to be part of the basic feature
set in the upcoming generation of VoIP clients for carriers (VoIP over EVDO
or HSDPA (data)-only wireless devices). There are standardized mechanisms
for this, using XCAP. I think Asterisk / SER will want to support this
sooner or later (If they don't already, I don't follow their development).

XCAP is used to add / modify / delete contacts from the network-side roster,
and to download the list upon client launch. After this, the client
subscribes to the presence of each contact via standard SIP mechanism. 

XCAP is being defined by the same SIMPLE group within IETF mentioned above.

These are the current drafts:

Maybe this is more for Ekiga 4... but it would be cool if this can be taken
into account in the new design.

And for Ekiga 5 ;), the client could actually subscribe to a "list" of
presence contacts, instead of to each of the contacts individually, as per
OMA (IMS-based) Presence.
Hopefully, by then, Asterisk will be an IMS 'CSCF' and IMS-compliant
presence application server :)

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