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Hi Richard

On 2014-06-02 13:27, richard lucassen <mailinglists lucassen org> wrote:
Thnx for your answer David! I followed the instructions, loaded the
Adwaita theme and this is the result:

Excellent, that looks much better, as you can now see the pane drag handles, which you should be able to use to adjust the pane width to your liking.

Wouldn't it be just simpler to get an option to switch back to the
good old buttons?

No, as that would be a non-trivial amount of code to write and maintain. If someone comes up with a patch, I would be happy to review it.

That had worked fine for over the last ten or
twelve years or so (I'm an early adopter of Easytag) and apparantly the
nice and simple application is now suffering from bloatware like

I think it is important to note that it is GTK+ that does not show pane resize handles if the default theme is installed, so it is probably more productive to file a bug report against GTK+, so that at least a basic handle is shown in that case.

It also seems a legitimate bug that icons inside text entry fields are not taken into account for size allocation purposes (when setting a minimum number of characters to show in the field). I do not have time to work on those GTK+ bugs at the moment, but hopefully someone else does.

I do not consider moving the mini buttons, which I found rather awkward (being small) and unintuitive (as there was no image or text on the buttons themselves), to be icons inside the entries as "bloatware like Gnome3". If you believe that, it seems a separate discussion than that about improving size allocation of icons inside GtkEntry widgets.


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