Re: buttons

Hi Richard

>2) small fields (like CD number) only show this useless "Abc"

The minimum width of the entry fields has been set to be a reasonable
number of characters, but it seems that this does not also allow
space for the entry icon. You can drag the tag pane to increase its
size, which will allocate more space to the entries and allow more
text to be shown. Hopefully, some of the extra sizing abilities in GTK
+ 3 will make it easier to give a reasonable default width for the
tag area.

That's the point: I cannot resize the fields. I'm running 2.2.2 under
WindowMaker in Debian Testing. This is what it looks like:

I set the fields "year, track, # of tracks and CD". It's unusable like
this for me. I want my buttons back! :)

Ah, it looks like you do not have a GTK+ 3 theme installed, so you get the default theme. As well as being very ugly, you cannot see the pane handles, which are between the browser and tag frames (as well as the directory list and browser, and between the log view and directory lister/browser/tag frames).

A screenshot showing the grab handles:

The missing icons and incorrect spacings in the screenshot are due to an unrelated theming problem.

You should probably install Adwaita (the GNOME GTK+ theme) or some other GTK+ 3 theme of your choosing, and configure it as the default theme. If you do not use GNOME, there are a couple of ways to do this:


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