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  • dogtail-devel distribution of dogtail tests, Frederic Peters
  • dogtail-devel Question on dogtail and kpdf, indhu krishna sivaramakrishnan
  • dogtail-devel [Bug 349163] New: utility function to run unittests, with optional XML output, dogtail (bugzilla.gnome.org)
  • dogtail-devel [Bug 318535] allow dogtail to be buildable using jhbuild, dogtail (bugzilla.gnome.org)
  • dogtail-devel Stricter error handling committed to CVS, David Malcolm
  • dogtail-devel [Bug 348891] New: Dogtail misinterprets regexps in strings, dogtail (bugzilla.gnome.org)
  • dogtail-devel [Bug 318531] Support dogtail scripts in GNOME tinderbox, jhbuild (bugzilla.gnome.org)
  • dogtail-devel [Bug 347560] New: Get keystroke recording working, dogtail (bugzilla.gnome.org)
  • dogtail-devel [Bug 318538] Implement a script recorder aimed at end-users., dogtail (bugzilla.gnome.org)
  • dogtail-devel [Bug 336419] Recorder: add a comment/marker functionality, dogtail (bugzilla.gnome.org)
  • dogtail-devel [Bug 323601] segafult observed after script dogtail-detect-session execution, dogtail (bugzilla.gnome.org)
  • dogtail-devel [Bug 344157] object.dump() output includes function names that cannot be executed, dogtail (bugzilla.gnome.org)
  • dogtail-devel [Bug 347327] New: "Failed to send buffer" displayed after scripts complete, dogtail (bugzilla.gnome.org)
  • dogtail-devel [Bug 347322] New: make rpm doesn't work, dogtail (bugzilla.gnome.org)
  • dogtail-devel [Bug 347323] New: make rpm doesn't work, dogtail (bugzilla.gnome.org)
  • dogtail-devel [Bug 344902] /usr/bin/dogtail-run-headless - fails on FC5 - make the script distro-aware or just document?, dogtail (bugzilla.gnome.org)
  • dogtail-devel [Bug 340734] The (tree API) sample program does not run to completion, dogtail (bugzilla.gnome.org)
  • dogtail-devel [Bug 339858] Can no longer run dogtail on VNC or physical server, dogtail (bugzilla.gnome.org)

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