Re: Can't enter text at all

On Sun, Dec 03, 2017 at 10:16:47PM -0500, Michael Ross wrote:
   "How easy is it to add this ability to an object?  It would be really
   handy to be able to label the network objects for example.

   I don't know the answer, but the shape files are text and you can view
   that directly. Perhaps you can find the elements regarding text in the
   shape with the capability. and experiment adding those elements in the
   shape where you want text.‚Äč

Absolutely right!  :-)

It *is* very easy to add text ability to objects.  It took me a couple
of goes but I managed it without too much angst!

So now I can add the text ability to the half-dozen or so shapes that
I need it for.

Thank you everyone.

Chris Green

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