Re: tuxsee creates dia xml data from dot graph data

Hello! As I can see, there is no public/official documentation. I was in the same situation, and only reverce-engineering saved me. Look into project "Dia-XML API" for results of that work - . It is Java classes that uses "Simple XML" framework, to parce and create DIA-xml-files. So, if your program is Java-based - you can use it in conditions of GPL v2. In other case... Of cause, it is not a direct structure description - but you can understand many features of dia-xml format, and recreate this api in any programing lang you like.
In general, all objects are stored in <object> tags with <attribute> in side it.
But the set of attribute, you can find in file is not fixed, and depends on with properties youa have shanged.
You are always welcomed for questions )

2017-12-02 2:52 GMT+03:00 Tjibbe Lefering <mooigraph gmail com>:

Tuxsee (mooigraph) is a GNU GPL graph layout program
for use with dot graph data and it can generate dia xml.

Tuxsee is in development and this works for easy dot
data to layout and export to dia to edit the drawing
with the dia program, maybe interesting for some data.

Dia has good drawing and editing features. The xml data
is created looking at the xml and reading dia source
but for more complex dia xml data is there something
documented how the xml data should look like?


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