Re: Can't enter text at all

On Sun, Dec 03, 2017 at 07:32:21PM +0100, Philippe Andersson wrote:
On 03/12/17 18:01, Chris Green wrote:
On Sun, Dec 03, 2017 at 10:28:50AM -0500, Michael Ross wrote:
   On Dec 2, 2017 2:41 PM, "Chris Green" <[1]cl isbd net> wrote:

     Maybe I'm being silly (very likely!) but I can't get text into dia
     If I hit Enter in a selected shape then I get the 'I' cursor but as
     soon as I type anything the cursor changed to something else and no
     text appears.
     What am I doing wrong?

   This is an "is it plugged in?" suggestion. Is the text color the same
   as th background?

I don't think so, text objects work OK now and the text shows up.
When I hit F2 or Enter in a object I get the I-beam but the cursor
doesn't move when I type.

I'm beginning to thing that I simply haven't yet selected an object
which allows text entry.  If someone could point me at an object that
definitely does have text entry then I could try it.
In the "Flowchart" category, almost all objects support text entry
except the connectors and logical operators.


Yes, it does help!  I can enter text into the various flowchart
objects with no problems at all.

So that explains it, most objects (or at least most of the objects
that I'm interested in) *don't* support text entry.

How easy is it to add this ability to an object?  It would be really
handy to be able to label the network objects for example.  I know I
can create a tecxt object and group it with the Network object but it
would be much easier and quicker just to be able to enter text without
having to create another object and group it.

Chris Green

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