Re: Building Dia (was: Fwd: little problem)

Hi Hans,


My version choice was based on:
Latest stable release
Version 0.97.2 is now available. ...

First you should get an up-to-date version, for stable use
        git clone git://
        git checkout -b dia-0-97 -t origin/dia-0-97

For the almost as stable development version skip the second step.

With a Debian based distribution it could have been as simple as:
        sudo apt-get build-dep dia
I'll keep than in mind! (interestingly that installed considerably more packages than i had)
No package 'gtk+-1.0' found
Dia does not need gtk+-1.0 so this is already questionable.

not sure, maybe error in my transcribing? Probably an artifact of investigative pkg-config command line invocations... BTW, thanks for the note on superfluous packages.

but that didn't get me there.... it would seem freetype has changed its
path, so I tried

ln -s /usr/include/freetype2 /usr/include/freetype

Really asking for trouble ...

yeah, last ditch attempt.

I cannot make any sense of the strace, but it's attached. Any

Always use the latest version ...

Well, I thought I was on the latest stable version. I should know better---the tip of the stable branch is generally the most stable :)

Please accept the attached patch to the 0.97 git tip. It makes regular handles 9px and connection pts square with white border, better visibility. Hope you find it speeds construction as much as I do!


George Georgalis, (415) 894-2710,

Attachment: dia-0.97.git.handles.diff
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