Re: Question on adding shapes

OK, thanks for the feedback, Steffen. I will definitely publish the shapes, once I have the ok from the 
original author of the idea. 
(and thanks for compliment; the dish does taste very nice :) )

There is just a minor technical problem to be resolved now: The default text isn't showing in the shapes and, 
consequently, the text can't be edtied. Did the attachment get through to the list here and did anybody have 
a chance to take a look at it? 



Am 16.09.2012 um 10:11 schrieb Steffen Macke:

Hi Martin,

great to see that things have worked out for you.

One thing that I've learned with open source is that you should never wonder
if "this would be useful for the community at all". I've seen much more exotic code being reused.
If people are not interested, they'll simply not use it - we're not harming anybody. But if you don't
publish, interested parties will have to repeat your work...

It would be great if you could follow up the licensing issue. If the GPL is confirmed, the easiest way to
"express" this is to include the "COPYING" file with the GPL from Dia in the zip file(s) you're creating.
And of course, the interest in your shapes will only be as big as the sample diagramm illustrating it.
You're German recipe looked really tasty.



On 11.09.2012 22:42, Martin Wunderlich wrote:
BTW, this files are not meant for publication, yet. I have to check with the original author first to see, 
if he is ok with adding these shapes under GPL.

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