Re: Question on adding shapes

Greetings, Martin Wunderlich!

I have recently discovered Dia as a tool to create recipe diagrams as per
the design by Sascha Wahlbrink ( )
In order to make the creation of these recipes easier, I wanted to create a
number of custom shapes and add them to a new Dia sheet. I have been able to
create a shape and export it. I have also created a new sheet. However, I am
stuck now in trying to add the shape to the sheet so that it shows up in the
object selector. There seem to be two problems:
- I am not able to add the shape using the built-in dialog, because the .dia
directory is hidden on the Mac and is not showing up in the selection dialog.

You can always enter the path manually.

- Adding the shape manually by editing the sheet XML doesn't seem to work,
because there is not pointer to the shape file ( I have posted my sheet XML

You could attach your files next time. Would be way faster to give your code a

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

Simplest answer I can give is "you have your files in wrong place."
On Mac, the path is likely
~/Library/Application Support/Dia
Check that the directory contains other Dia files.
If all else fails, I've attached a very simple sheet, that should get you
Shapes are linked by shape name, not by file name.
Also, you're missing category name in your shape names. That could be another
case for it to not work.

Andrey Repin (anrdaemon freemail ru) 10.09.2012, <13:23>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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