Question on adding shapes

Hi there, 

I have recently discovered Dia as a tool to create recipe diagrams as per the design by Sascha Wahlbrink ( )
In order to make the creation of these recipes easier, I wanted to create a number of custom shapes and add them to a new Dia sheet. I have been able to create a shape and export it. I have also created a new sheet. However, I am stuck now in trying to add the shape to the sheet so that it shows up in the object selector. There seem to be two problems: 
- I am not able to add the shape using the built-in dialog, because the .dia directory is hidden on the Mac and is not showing up in the selection dialog. 
- Adding the shape manually by editing the sheet XML doesn't seem to work, because there is not pointer to the shape file ( I have posted my sheet XML below). 

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? 
Thanks a lot. 



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<!--Dia-Version: 0.97.2-->
<!--Datei: /Users/martin/.dia/sheets/Recipes.sheet-->

<description>Allows creation of recipe diagrams as per the design by Sascha Wahlbrink</description>
<object name="Utensil">
  <description>A cooking utensil, such as a pot or cutting board.</description>

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