Re: [PATCH] Highlight color for bright text.

Le 04/26/2012 10:35 PM, Hans Breuer a Ãcrit :
At least I am ambivalent if we should replace the one single hard-coded
color with just two hard-coded colors. A better idea might be to derive
both these colors from the theme as discussed in

Do you mean the "desktop" theme ? I'm not sure that it has any effect on
this problem...

Not without some coding, yes;) The original idea from Lars - as far as I've understood it - was to replace 
the highlighting approach with a full blown edit control, which than of course could follow the GTK+ theme 
also used for other edit controls in Dia.
You mean a "popup widget" like the one for editing properties !?
Have you an exemple of a "full blown edit control" (a gtk app that use it) ?

BTW: any news on your "sozi" feature?
[ ]

I'm curently use it "as is". I haven't done many improvments...

Sorry to hear that you seem to have given up the goal of inclusion with standard Dia.

I haven't give up, the task is in background. I've a lot of other running task. Don't worry i will bother you 
again with sozi :)


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