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This is the expected behavior.

I want to keep a coherent sequence. So when i change the sequence number of a frame, i want to shift other 
frame in order to keep the sequence coherency.

The remaining problem is that i can't update the others frames... So we only see the change when we select 

Concerning the problem of accessing the parent layer, i think that i can't do other way. You never needed to 
keep global information before (to the sheet lifetime, or to the program lifetime) ?

If i let the user manage the sequence correctness, i don't know what to do in case of errors...

I had an idea for the format of the frame legend displayed in interactive mode : i could put a format string like "# %d : 
%s" that could endup with, eg "# 3 : frame title".



Le 11/08/2011 09:13 PM, Hans Breuer a écrit :
Hi Paul,
At 25.10.2011 22:50, Hans Breuer wrote:
At 25.10.2011 01:27, Paul Chavent wrote:

Here is progression of the sozi integration.

[all the OK stuff deleted]
- better automatic sequence number generation [1]
OK -> when adding a frame automatically find the last frame number
available, and manage the sequence ordering

Need to check the code to further comment on, but not today ;)

After reading the code I'm wondering if we really should go that road,
i.e. if it is worth the trouble and the extra complexity.

I have never been a fan of the back-pointers from object to owning layer, and from layer to owning diagram. 
An object should be able to calculate it's internal state on it's own: It even has to work without being 
inserted into a layer. This is crashing with your current implementation,
but I already circumvented this in my local test version.

Releated is the current behaviour when changing the sequence order. I'd say it is at least unusual (if not 
unexpected) that changing one's object sequence number makes other objects numbering change as well. But 
AFAICT only when they are selected after the first.
Is this intended behaviour or just an unwanted side-effect of the magic involved?


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