Re: [PATCH] Highlight color for bright text.

At 25.04.2012 22:13, Paul Chavent wrote:
Le 04/24/2012 10:32 PM, Hans Breuer a ïcrit :
If you want also feedback from the user perspective it might help to
describe the desired effect rather than just giving an uncommented patch.

If I understood your code right it will change the highlighting color to
black if the luminance value of the text color is higher than 72%.

The desired effect is to see the selected text, regardless its color.

IMO the 'what' was clear from the original mail, it's the 'how' which required to read and understand the patch.

At least I am ambivalent if we should replace the one single hard-coded
color with just two hard-coded colors. A better idea might be to derive
both these colors from the theme as discussed in

Do you mean the "desktop" theme ? I'm not sure that it has any effect on
this problem...

Not without some coding, yes;) The original idea from Lars - as far as I've understood it - was to replace the highlighting approach with a full blown edit control, which than of course could follow the GTK+ theme also used for other edit controls in Dia.

BTW: any news on your "sozi" feature?
[ ]

I'm curently use it "as is". I haven't done many improvments...

Sorry to hear that you seem to have given up the goal of inclusion with standard Dia.


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