Re: ID Recalculation

[sorry for the delay, this was meant to be sent with the commit]

At 14.12.2009 17:33, Luis Villa wrote:
I've also found that, when overwriting the<dia:attribute>  node

<dia:attribute name="meta">
        <dia:composite type="dict">

This shoud be
         <dia:composite type="dict"/>
otherwise it would be invalid XML.

with, for example,

<dia:attribute name="meta">
        <dia:composite type="dict">
          <dia:attribute name="some-id">

for a "Flowchart - Manual Input", DIA hangs (I'm in Windows XP)

Yeah, reproduced. Apparently my initial testing was not good enough ;)
Already fixed on master (there is/was an endless loop in

The same thing should go into dia-0-97 to be available with the next minor release.

<dia:attribute name="meta">
        <dia:composite type="dict">

after saving. Is this a bug?

It definitely would be, but see above.


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