Re: ID Recalculation

Is it possible to change Dia not to do this  recalculation?

Not without an extra layer of complexity I'd like to avoid. The main issue would be to ensure the uniqueness of such an id during copy, maybe even across different diagrams. Also there arise questions when to change the object id (if stored in a different diagram, on change of all object properties or only if it's name would change, etc. pp.)

Without knowing your exact use case it might be possible for you to generate your own object id and store it as

     <dia:attribute name="meta">
       <dia:composite type="dict">
         <dia:attribute name="some-id">

Of course that would also not solve the issues I mentioned above regarding uniqueness. The content of the 'dict' is not changed by Dia, there even is no user interface to do so at the moment.

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Hello Hans :)

Yes, this xml block should do it. Regarding uniqueness I can manage it out of dia. I'll simply preprocess the file everytime I read it.

Thank you very much :)

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