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On 11/28/08, Hans Breuer <hans breuer org> wrote:
At 23.11.2008 05:25, Sameer Sahasrabuddhe wrote:

No, I don't intend to change the object interface in any way. Also,
the current properties dialog itself handles multiple objects very
well ... the only problem is that when the user clicks on
"Properties", all the selected objects are not passed through to the
dialog, only the head of the list is passed.

We are talking of app/properties.c's call to apply_properties_from_dialog, 
aren't we?

For the sake of clarity, no we are not talking about that ... but about something that comes much earlier. 
The problem starts in properties_show in app/properties.c, which accepts a single DiaObject. That function in 
turn calls get_properties from the vtable of the single DiaObject that is passed to it. As I had mentioned at 
the start of the thread, when properties_show is called in app/commands.c, it is passed only the head from 
the list of selected objects stored in DiagramData. If this list were replaced with a DiaObject, then that 
object would be passed instead.


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