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On 11/20/08, Lars Ræder Clausen <lars raeder dk> wrote:

On Wed, 2008-11-19 at 11:54 +0530, Sameer Sahasrabuddhe wrote:

The current state of this bug is that properties of a group of objects
are handled correctly. The thing left to do is handling properties of
multiple selected objects, that have not been grouped. The problem
arises in app/commands.c, where properties_show() is called ... the
selected objects are stored as a list in DiagramData, but the function
is passed only the head of the list, and all other selected objects
are ignored.

The solution is to pass selected objects as a single collection
properties_show(). IIRC, the new version of group will solve this.
What is the status of newgroup.c? Should we wait for this to replace
the current group implementation, or instead come up with a
"DiaContainerObject" whose sole purpose is to forward all function
calls to the objects that it owns?

newgroup.c is close to being finished, but I'm not working on it ATM.

Ok. How do I enable newgroup in the compilation? Didn't notice any
flag to set ... does it also disable the current group?

So unless someone else picks it up, waiting for it to be finished would
be a long wait.  I'm not sure how the DiaContainerObject would differ
from the object used in newgroup.c.

"DiaContainerObject" whose sole purpose is to forward all function
calls to the objects that it owns

That is the only functionality that I need to fix the bug. Will take a
look at newgroup once I can compile and use it, and see if I can get
away with enabling only what I need, or else maybe just finish
newgroup! ;)

Notice that newgroup.c fixes
another problem with the current group system: It doesn't remove objects
from the diagram.  The current group system does, which causes it to
break connections leading out of the group.

Yeah. Basically newgroup helps a lot of things, including the bug
mentioned here. My dilemma is whether to wait for newgroup to finish,
or just take what I need.


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