=?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Bug_60331_=96_Object_properties_?= =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?should_handle_multiple_objects?=


The current state of this bug is that properties of a group of objects
are handled correctly. The thing left to do is handling properties of
multiple selected objects, that have not been grouped. The problem
arises in app/commands.c, where properties_show() is called ... the
selected objects are stored as a list in DiagramData, but the function
is passed only the head of the list, and all other selected objects
are ignored.

The solution is to pass selected objects as a single collection
properties_show(). IIRC, the new version of group will solve this.
What is the status of newgroup.c? Should we wait for this to replace
the current group implementation, or instead come up with a
"DiaContainerObject" whose sole purpose is to forward all function
calls to the objects that it owns?


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