Second call for help (was Re: What do you want to do for Dia 0.97?)

Am 16.04.2008 18:07, Lars Clausen schrieb:

I'm very thrilled to hear so many people who want to help develop Dia. Or maybe y'all didn't read Hans' message thoroughly - he asked what you want to *do* for 0.97, not what you want to have done.
I was already wondering if I need to rephrase the question :-)

There's no lack of suggestions for improvement, but a serious lack of people doing any work (me included at the moment). So please, if you like Dia, and are not afraid of a little C hacking, a bit of effort on your part can go a long way towards a better 0.97.

Even if you *are* afraid of a bit C hacking (or maybe afraid of me getting afraid of your hacking capabilities ;)) there are quite some tasks not requiring developers skills at all:

 - updating the wiki, so some of the info in the NEWS [0] file gets
   more accessible to Dia users
 - going through open bugs [1] an trying to reproduce stuff which
   currently has not that information
 - going through Dia enhancement request [2] and match them with
   the ChangeLog [3]. (I've got the impression there is a lot of stuff
   already adressed but not properly reflected in the bug-tracking
 - improve/update documentation
 - and last but not least: *read* the information provided and explain
   it to people who do not ;)

Thanks in advance for all you help,

[1] [2]

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