Odp: What do you want to do for Dia 0.97?

1. Mass changing of UML class (like changing visibility of comments and 
almost everything else on the first tab).

2. Support for keys in UML class. I mean something like it's already 
done for "visibility" of attributes. This is available for many CASE 
tools and I tend to use Dia as one ;). Main key types could be primary, 
foreign and partial. All of them should be visible as icons in the main 
view (eg. golden key, silver key and maybe two keys on a keyring). I can 
try to make those icons if someone would be willing to implement this :).

Best regards,

Najpiękniejszy głos kobiecego jazzu - STACEY KENT 
16.05 20:00 Warszawa, 17.05 20:00 Poznań
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