Re: zoom problem with 0.95-pre6

loli sagde:
On Thu, 23 Mar 2006 06:49:49 +0100, Lars Clausen wrote
On Thu, 2006-03-23 at 12:45 +0800, Zhang Linbo wrote:

The initial zoom seems to be incorrect with dia-0.95-pre6
for the attached diagram.

Maybe a call to 'Show All' after loading a diagram is missing?

The zoom level is correct (100%), but it's like it has scrolled away.

I dont know if it has been always this way; but for a long time for me,
begins showing a region of diagram with the (0,0) point  at 'up' and
position (sorry for my English). And Linbo's diagram has all its points
negative ordinates: all above the shown region.

Ah, didn't notice that.

Doing show all would be very different, as it would adjust
the zoom level significantly, something I don't think we should do
by default.  I've looked a bit at saving 'view' information in the
file, but didn't actually implement it.

Instead of changing the format of diagram files adding view information,
the minimum  x (x0) and the minimum y (y0) of bouncing boxes of objects
could be calculated; and then use (x0-delta,y0-delta ) instead of (0,0)

That would sorta make sense.  At least slightly more than just 0,0.  But
the right way to go about would be to include view data in the diagram,
which really is a simple matter of some XML hackery.  Anyone?


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