Working it out...

Hello Guys

Sorry to be a nuisance with "simple" questions but is it possible to provide some hint on the following?

I have been looking at the Dia source code to find out some more info on how to add some properties to a graph in the way it shows up in UML. I took a look at the shapes related files and the properties related files but it seems like the shapes are very abstracted. Could you provide some insight? I suppose that there are "hooks" on things like "Show me the properties" where Dia calls a supplied function instead of its default one for properties. Something similar must be happening with the objects them selfs to provide the extra properties and stuff. Otherwise i would have to recompile Dia everytime i would like to add a new set of symbols. Any direction is greatly appreciated.

Is there a way to completely reload a package in Python? I hate to restart Dia everytime i am making a change to my script.

How does the dia.register_* family of functions works? (From within Python that is) I mean, i am assigning a function to a particular menu item but it does not appear there :-/ am i missing something there?

Looking forward to hearing from you

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