Re: Properties dialog without c programming

Ummm... I believe that Lars answered your question in reply to Daniel.
That is, provided I am understanding your correctly.

To add your own attributes to an object, editable from the properties
dialog, simply add ext_attributes and ext_attribute entities to your
Open up one of the .shape files and add something like this (inside of
the shape entity of course):

    <ext_attribute name="id" description="Circuit ID" type="string"/>
    <ext_attribute name="minv" description="Minimum Voltage" type="real"/>
    <ext_attribute name="maxv" description="Maximum Voltage" type="real"/>
    <ext_attribute name="type" description="Tube Type" type="string"/>

And then load dia, add that shape to your diagram or sheet, bring of
the properties dialog for it. There you go! Extra attributes.

Have fun,

On Tue, 15 Feb 2005 19:36:55 +0000, Denny Beyer <denny esru strath ac uk> wrote:
Lars Clausen wrote:
Denny Beyer sagde:

Hey !


What kinds of fields are we talking here?  You have tried exporting as
.shape and using that to create a new object, yes?

I did both. But I couldn't find any possibility to have a
properties-dialog containing my own data in it. That's why I went over
to the c - stuff! Quite similar to that what Daniel is doing, I need to
at to an Objekt a description, a ID number and other properties, which
describes the component technically more detailed.

Can i do that with in dia created shapes as well? How is that working,
because this would save a lot of time by not hard coding all shapes in
c, but just drawing them. Is python doing that as well?

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