Re: Objects properties - Python console

Jeffrey Kern sagde:
Ooh, I will chime in here.
Before I have thought of wanting a "Show Attributes" button in the
Properties dialog.
I use ext_attributes in my custom shapes as well as an extended
circuit shape set. This would be handy but would require then text
alignment properties as well?

The text would be something like: "id=VT2; type=12FK6" or "id=R3;
ohms=22; power=...", etc.

If this seams reasonable, I will submit a feature request. Otherwise,
if this is trivial, where should I start looking in the c to make
changes? and I will try to contribute a patch.

Would your extra attributes live solely in the properties dialog, or do
you want to have some representation of them in the diagram?  If I
understand your comment about alignment, you want them to show up in the
diagram, in which case you (currently) will have to go to C.

Now the cool thing to do would be to extend the ext_attributes tag with a
way to specify rendering.  For instance, if you have a tag
<ext_attribute name="foo" value="bar" type="string" xpos="2.0" ypos="2.0"
alignment="left"> that could mean the value entered gets rendered
left-aligned with the left end of the baseline at the 2.0, 2.0 point of
the shape.  That would probably be useful.  The place to look for changing
the custom object is objects/custom.  However, it may take a little work
to get into how it works.

Feedback on the virtues/flaws of this hastily thought yup idea welcome!


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