Re: Regd attaching textboxes to zigzag lines

On 3 Feb 2004, Sriram Mohan wrote:

If you're nto afraid of a little C programming, there are several
examples of good label attachment (something I'd like someday to turn
into a general feature) that you could base your code on.

Could you give me links to a couple of examples which i could you use to
start programming. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Most certainly.  You can base the object on the generic zigzagline
(objects/standard/zigzagline.c), and then add the text handling parts from
the SADT annotation (objects/SADT/annotation.c).  Make sure to check that
you can compile your version of the zigzagline and get it into the diagram
before you start adding the text stuff.  You'll need basically just the
things that mention text from SADT annotation, but you'll have to make the
initial placement yourself.

Happy hacking, and let us know how it turns out.


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