Re: UML class boxes different size in unix and windows

Ahh - ok, thanks.
If someone can let me know when it's sorted I'll be a willing tester from the CVS.



cyrille chepelov org 02/03/04 02:49pm >>>
Le Tue, Feb 03, 2004, +á 02:31:40PM +0000, Joseph Carter a Tcrit:
Hi All,

We produced a UML diagram on the unix version of Dia (Solaris 8)
which we then viewed in on a windows 2k box. Alas the class diagrams
were shown at a different size and ended up overlaying one another.

Has anyone else experienced this? Got a solution?

We've had problems with the fonts on the Solaris box before, so perhaps
this could be related.

Yes. Dia doesn't use the same font rendering engine under *nix and under
Win32. I gather this is being resolved in the CVS version (Lars, Hans,
kick and scream if I'm wrong).

        -- Cyrille

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