Re: Regd attaching textboxes to zigzag lines

From: Sriram Mohan <srmohan cs indiana edu>

I am trying to build a new dia-stencil for a conceputal model. I am
having trouble making use of the zigzag connector. I would like to attach
a textbox to the zigzag line connector

I tried to attach a standard textbox to the zigzag connector and grouped
it.  But if i moved any of the objects connected to the zigzag line the
connection failed and i could move the objects independent of the zigzag
connector. Is there a workaround for this or is there any way i can write
a simple xml file to create a zigzag connector and append a text box to

Right now there is no way shorthat does not involve programming to attach a
text label to a zigzagline.  Making a shape turns the zigzagline into a
fixed set of lines that do not act as a connector, merely as a funny

If you're nto afraid of a little C programming, there are several examples
of good label attachment (something I'd like someday to turn into a general
feature) that you could base your code on.


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