Another set of beginner questions

I want to change the box creation defaults for new boxes. I can see how to create them and then edit the things I want to change (color and padding) but I would like to be able to alter those for all future boxes. Is there a way to change these--do not see such a dialog in the preferences? Annoying to have to edit each one.

And, an error I make all the time. I am editing the text and wanting to remove a hard return or space. I get in front of it and hit delete, which deletes the entire box. So I undo, move forward a space, hit backspace, and remove the space or return as required. But this sure is annoying. Must be an easier way to do this.

On RH 9.0
dia 0.93

And, do you pronounce it dee-ah or die-ah with first or second syllable accented?


Jim Clark
IBM Global Services, Service Delivery Center - West
Lenexa, Kansas

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