How to Pronounce Dia? (Dia-ah) [was Re: Another set of beginner questions]

On Tue, 17 Aug 2004, Jim Clark wrote:

Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 10:26:02 -0500
From: Jim Clark <jclark00 us ibm com>
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To: dia-list gnome org
Subject: Another set of beginner questions

I want to change the box creation defaults for new boxes. I can see how to
create them and then edit the things I want to change (color and padding)
but I would like to be able to alter those for all future boxes. Is there a
way to change these--do not see such a dialog in the preferences? Annoying
to have to edit each one.

you can see what default properties are available for the main tools by
double clicking them, unfortunately in this case the option is not
available.  patches always welcome.

And, do you pronounce it dee-ah or die-ah with first or second syllable

I have always assumed that it is pronounced Die-Ah because it is short for
Diagram (there is also an Irish word Dia meaning god which is pronounced
Dee-ah so that pronunciation would be particularly confusing for me).

Given that some people manage to pronounces Dinosaurs so that it sounds
like the SARS virus (instead of Dino - soars/sores) I'm sure there must be
users pronouncing Dia all sorts of different ways.  From what I have heard
Linus Torvalds pronounces Linux differntly than he used to (more like
Lin-ucks than Lee-nooks allegedly) so I would not worry much about the

Incidentally I pronounced Abiword (Abbey Word*) incorrectly for years and
I suspect I'm pronouncing Sodipodi wrong (but nowadays I just say
Inkscape).  (* it has nothing to do with monks and monasteries I just find
that a clear way to write it for pronunciation, it is derived from the
spanish word Abierto meaning open).


Alan Horkan

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