Re: Another set of beginner questions

And, an error I make all the time. I am editing the text and wanting to
remove a hard return or space. I get in front of it and hit delete, which
deletes the entire box. So I undo, move forward a space, hit backspace,
remove the space or return as required. But this sure is annoying. Must be
an easier way to do this.

It used to be until a couple versions ago that Delete only deleted a
character, and Ctrl-D was used for deleting objects.  However, enough
people complained about this that we decided to change it to the way it is
now, well knowing that the problem you describe would also come up.  What
we need is having text editing and objects editing somewhat more
separated, something I'm (slowly) working on.

And, do you pronounce it dee-ah or die-ah with first or second syllable

I say dee-ah with the stress on the first syllable.  That has no basis in
how anybody else pronounces it.


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