Re: Font selection -- a solution

At 11:00 25.06.02 -0500, Lars Clausen wrote:

I had a flash of inspiration this morning biking into work.  I was thinking
about how most people only use a few fonts, most probably just the three
standard fonts (sans, serif, monospace).  So how about this:

At the outset, there is a font menu with the entries

Other fonts...

Three words: fine with me!

A small addition though: the Last Recently Used listed should 
be updated by selecting/displaying different objects with
different fonts, too. That is: 
- you are able to always show the current font of the object 
  as pre-selection of the font option menu [new fonts not only
  go into the LRU list by the Font Selector, but also by
  selecting an object (and displaying it's properties), which uses
  a font not before in the list]
- you'll be able to unify a diagram which has many different
  fonts without any interaction with the GtkFontSelectionDialog

If the underlying mechanics ot the new 'GtkFifoMenu' or 
'DiaLruOptionMenu' is implemented generic enough it can probably 
easily be reused for the color selection case as well.

BTW: Lars, could you please comment on your font api breakage 
stuff complained about in my previous mail:

Or even better: revert it.

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