Re: Font selection -- a solution

On Wed, 26 Jun 2002, Hans Breuer wrote:
At 11:00 25.06.02 -0500, Lars Clausen wrote:

I had a flash of inspiration this morning biking into work.  I was
thinking about how most people only use a few fonts, most probably just
the three standard fonts (sans, serif, monospace).  So how about this:

At the outset, there is a font menu with the entries

Other fonts...

Three words: fine with me!

It is committed!  And a sweet thing it is.  I even figured out how to make
the stupid little dots in the menu move correctly.

A small addition though: the Last Recently Used listed should 
be updated by selecting/displaying different objects with
different fonts, too. That is: 
- you are able to always show the current font of the object 
  as pre-selection of the font option menu [new fonts not only
  go into the LRU list by the Font Selector, but also by
  selecting an object (and displaying it's properties), which uses
  a font not before in the list]

I have made a small addition to do this, but now I get Courier New into the
list automatically.  Have to figure that out.

- you'll be able to unify a diagram which has many different
  fonts without any interaction with the GtkFontSelectionDialog

Do you mean that when you open a diagram, all fonts in it should go into
the menu?

BTW: Lars, could you please comment on your font api breakage 
stuff complained about in my previous mail:

Or even better: revert it.

You are right, it should be reverted.  Both solutions are icky, but your
way gives a cleaner API.  I hope it doesn't come back to bite us.

I shall fix it in the morning, my code spree is ending for now.


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